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Alberta Energy Maps

Last modified:
September 11, 2012

Geology Maps of Alberta

Collage of geology maps

PDF Maps and GIS Shapefiles

We have a large selection of PDF maps for different NTS areas of Alberta showing surficial and bedrock geology, sediment thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources. Maps created in the past 10 years include the GIS shapefiles.

Interactive Geology Maps

Our interactive geological maps let you browse, query and download GIS data.

Map tools are listed on the right side of the maps. You may need to scroll across depending on your screen resolution. Help for each section is available by clicking on the map's help iconhelp icon.

You need to turn off pop-up blocking for some layers to display.

Interactive geology map
Geology of Alberta

Interactive Sand & Gravel map
Sand and Gravel (Aggregate)
Peace River GIS map
Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project
Turtle Mountain KML file Google Earth version
Peace River GIS map
Peace River Monitoring Project
Hydrogeology GIS map
Hydrogeology/Water Well Chemistry
Interactive RadarSat map
RadarSat-1 Data Holdings Satellite Mapping