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Last modified:
June 22, 2015

Digital Data 2013-0017

Alberta Earthquake Catalogue (GIS data, point features)

Authors: Stern, V.H.; Schultz, R.J.; Shen, L.; Gu, Y.J.; Eaton, D.W.

Executive Summary

This GIS dataset depicts earthquakes within Alberta from September 2006 through 2014, excluding the year 2012. The events were recorded on seismographs belonging to the Regional Alberta Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network (RAVEN), Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network (CRANE), the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), the Alberta Telemetered Seismograph Network (ATSN), the Montana Regional Seismograph Network (MRSN), The Transalta Dam Monitoring Network (TD), the Northeast British Columbia Network (NEBC), and the American National Seismograph System (USRef).

The locations were calculated using the Boulder Real Time Technologies Antelope collection of software for the acquisition, archival, and analysis of seismic waveforms with the hypocentre inversion algorithm GENLOC. The locations have been reviewed and are believed to represent actual seismic events. As more seismic data or information becomes available locations may be added, modified, or removed from future versions of this dataset.

Place Keywords: 72e; 72l; 72m; 73d; 73e; 73l; 73m; 74d; 74e; 74l; 74m; 82g; 82h; 82i; 82j; 82n; 82o; 82p; 83a; 83b; 83c; 83d; 83e; 83f; 83g; 83h; 83i; 83j; 83k; 83l; 83m; 83n; 83o; 83p; 84a; 84b; 84c; 84d; 84e; 84f; 84g; 84h; 84i; 84j; 84k; 84l; 84m; 84n; 84o; 84p; alberta; canada

Theme Keywords: earthquakes; geohazard; gis data; seismic; seismic station; seismicity

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