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Report CodeTitle and AbstractPDF/Zip
BUL 065Northern Alberta Kimberlite Province: The First 20 Years Eccles, D.R., 2011.Bulletin 065 (PDF) (22.32 MB)
BUL 063The Diamond Potential of Alberta Alberta Energy; Alberta Geological Survey; Dufresne, M.B.; Eccles, D.R.; McKinstry, B.; Schmitt, D.R.; Fenton, M.M.; Pawlowicz, J.G.; Edwards, W.A.D., 1996.Bulletin 063 (PDF) (11.94 MB)
DIG 2007-0009Alberta Diamond Occurrences Dataset Eccles, D.R., 2007.Digital Data 2007-0009 (zipfile) (0.04 MB)
DIG 2007-0006Alberta Diamond Inclusion Dataset Eccles, D.R., 2007.Digital Data 2007-0006 (zipfile) (0.03 MB)
DIG 2003-0014Alberta industrial mineral deposits and occurrences (GIS data, point features) Price, M.; Hamilton, W.N.; Fildes, B.J., 2003.Digital Data 2003-0014 (zipfile) (0.23 MB)
ESR 2008-01A Study of Peridotitic Garnet Xenocryst Compositions from Selected Ultramafic Bodies in the Northern Alberta Kimberlite Province: Implications for Mantle Stratigraphy and Garnet Classification Eccles, D.R.; Simonetti, A., 2008.Earth Sciences Report 2008-01 (PDF) (3.91 MB)
ESR 2005-01Geochemical Orientation Surveys (Fiscal Year 2000-2001) for Kimberlites in Northern Alberta Seneshen, D.M.; Grunsky, E.; Rencz, A.; Hall, G.E.M.; Dunn, C.E., 2005.Earth Sciences Report 2005-01 (PDF) (7.19 MB)
ESR 2002-07Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Kimberlitic Rocks in Northern Alberta Eccles, D.R., 2002.Earth Sciences Report 2002-07 (PDF) (12.15 MB)
ESR 2000-12Quaternary Geology and Till Geochemistry, Wapiti Map Area (NTS 83L) Fenton, M.M.; Pawlowicz, J.G., 2001.Earth Sciences Report 2000-12 (PDF) (4.32 MB)
ESR 2000-08Diamond and Metallic-Mineral Potential of the Peerless Lake Map Area, North-Central Alberta Eccles, D.R.; Haynes, M.; Csanyi, W., 2001.Earth Sciences Report 2000-08 (PDF) (4.64 MB)
ESR 2000-03Remnants of (Possibly Diamondiferous) Ultramafic Igneous Rocks in Bedrock of the Kakwa/Wapiti area, West Central Alberta Langenberg, C.W.; Skupinski, A.; Beaton, A.P., 2000.Earth Sciences Report 2000-03 (PDF) (2.81 MB)
GEO 2002-232002 Compilation of Alberta Ultramafic Rock Occurrences: Location, Ground Geophysics, Drillhole Logs and Diamond Content Eccles, D.R.; Creighton, S., 2003.
GEO 2000-04Quaternary Geology Northern Alberta: Information Sources and Implications for Diamond Exploration Fenton, M.M.; Pawlowicz, J.G., 2001.Geo-Note 2000-04 (PDF) (1.25 MB)
GEO 1998-02Diamond Indicator Minerals from Auger Core Holes, A Possible Second Dispersal Train in the Peerless Lake Map Area (84B) Pawlowicz, J.G.; Dufresne, M.B.; Fenton, M.M., 1998.Geo-Note 1998-02 (PDF) (1.91 MB)
GEO 1998-01Diamond Indicator Minerals from Till, Northern Alberta Pawlowicz, J.G.; Dufresne, M.B.; Fenton, M.M., 1998.Geo-Note 1998-01 (PDF) (0.66 MB)
GEO 1997-01Diamond Indicator Mineral Anomaly From Till Sample Site NAT95-134 Fenton, M.M.; Pawlowicz, J.G., 1997.Geo-Note 1997-01 (PDF) (1.05 MB)
INF 137Metallic Mineral and Diamond Potential of Alberta Summary Rukhlov, A.S.; Eccles, D.R., 2010.Information Series 137 (PDF) (59.37 MB)
OFR 2012-01Eocene Potassic Magmatism of the Milk River Area, Southern Alberta (NTS 72E) and Sweet Grass Hills, Northern Montana: Overview and New Data on Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology and Economic Potential Rukhlov, A.S.; Pawlowicz, J.G., 2012.Open File Report 2012-01 (PDF) (8.08 MB)
OFR 2008-06Geological Evaluation of Garnet-Rich Beaches in East-Central Alberta with Emphasis on Industrial Mineral and Diamondiferous Kimberlite Potential Eccles, D.R., 2008.Open File Report 2008-06 (PDF) (16.26 MB)
OFR 1998-02Diamond and Metallic Mineral Potential of the Kakwa/Wapiti Area, West-Central Alberta Eccles, D.R.; Dufresne, M.B.; Lywood, P., 1998.Open File Report 1998-02 (PDF) (438.13 MB)
OFR 1996-09The Provenance of Diamond Indicator Minerals in Bedrock of the Hinton Area, Alberta Foothills Langenberg, C.W.; Skupinski, A., 1996.Open File Report 1996-09 (PDF) (1.99 MB)
OFR 1994-10The Diamond Potential of Alberta: A Regional Synthesis of the Structural and Stratigraphic Setting, and Other Preliminary Indications of Diamond Potential Alberta Research Council; Alberta Geological Survey; Dufresne, M.B.; Olson, R.A.; Schmitt, D.R.; McKinstry, B.; Eccles, D.R.; Fenton, M.M.; Pawlowicz, J.G.; Edwards, W.A.D.; Richardson, R.J.H., 1994.Open File Report 1994-10 (PDF) (16.63 MB)
SPE 089Gold, Platinum and Diamond Placer Deposits in Alluvial Gravels, Whitecourt, Alberta Mudaliar, G.G.; Richards, J.P.; Eccles, D.R., 2007.Special Report 089 (PDF) (2.89 MB)
SPE 064Geophysical Signature of the Mountain Lake Intrusion: A Study to Support Future Kimberlite Exploration in Alberta Alberta Department of Energy; Alberta Geological Survey; Kellett, R.L.; Steensma, G.J.; Zahynacz, R.M.; Eccles, D.R., 2005.Special Report 064 (PDF) (16.22 MB)
SPE 061Phases 1 to 4 Extech Study of the Early Proterozoic Athabasca Group, Northeastern Alberta Ramaekers, P., 2003.Special Report 061 (PDF) (7.45 MB)
SPE 020A Guide to Kimberlite-Indicator Mineral Trends in Alberta Including Observations from Recently Compiled Indicator Mineral Data Eccles, D.R., 2005. Special Report 020 (zipfile) (0.00 MB)

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